Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spoonflower Prints

One of the things I have always wanted to do since I was young is be able to design my own fabric so I couldn't be more thrilled with a company like Spoonflower that offers this service, and the best part is that I can also share my designs with anyone else who shops on the site. Spoonflower will give me a small kickback for anyone who prints my designs. It's not a get rich scheme by any means. I would say more a labor of love, but that is perfectly okay with me. I love the experience and it is such a thrill to see my work printed out. The only thing that would make me more happy would be if it helps other people. I have been on a quest of reducing our chemical footprint at my house and with that has come reusable feminine products for me. The change has been great for me in many ways. Oddly enough I find it less gross that the throw away products. In the next few weeks I plan to elaborate on what I use and how it works for me.

As far as this collection goes I have been working on these prints for a few months now off and on. I was waiting until I had 30 more to release it. I am pretty excited about these designs. I have several cut and sew patterns. Mostly they are for cloth pads. I plan to make a few YouTube videos to help talk about how I use the cut and sew patterns so stay tuned for those.

I designed the fall pumpkin prints last season and finally have that available to purchase. Designing fabric has been fun for me to come up with cute ideas. I have realized that one idea leads to the next. The fun has just begun. So be watching for more fun cut and sew things.

You can find all these designs in my Spoonflower shop KatieCraftyMom.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Year of Video Podcast

This is a new year and I am ready to start filling up my YouTube channel with content. I thought a fun way to start was to record monthly podcasts of what I'm making. Let's face it I'm no expert at making video's but I can say that with every video I get more comfortable in front of the camera and I come up with more ideas on how to make each one better. 

I already posted January's and February's video you can find them both here. I know that talking about my projects every month will help me keep up with some of the things I want to make.

We all have projects we want to make and life is really good at distracting us from them. If you're a busy mom like me there is always someone needing something from you. It can be hard to find time to myself to craft and create. They know however if mom goes too long without creating something I am not a nice person to be around. I know myself and I need to make things. I like keeping my hands busy and the satisfaction of making something with those hands. I hope if you are the same as me you will make the time for yourself and start making something today. Exspecially with a good cup of coffee.
Happy creating everyone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nesting Dolls Plush

How cute are these little nesting dolls. I have always loved nesting dolls. That's why they are the inspiration for a collection of designs I have at spoon flower.com This is just one of the patterns I designed, there are some coordinating designs the help you with any project you want to make. You can find it in my spoon flower shop here.

They are very simple to sew. Cut each one out and place right sides together. Stitch up the sides and the bottom. Make sure you leave an opening on the bottom. and do not sew shut the box corners until the next step.

Once that is done then you will need to open the fabric and little so that you can line up the seams to look like this...

Then you use need to stitch those closed. That will create a gusset to help the doll stand up. 
All that is left to do is to stuff the doll and and sew the opening at the bottom. 

Happy sewing.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chemical Free Home

About a year ago my family started on a journey to more natural products. I was looking for an alternative to all the chemicals that are all around us. I can honestly say we have loved the essential oils that we have used and I do believe they have helped my family's health and wellness. My husband is even on board.

Our first start on this journey was buying the Young Living Starter Kit. It really have all the "essentials" to get you started. It comes with a diffuser and really that's one of the best ways to get started using oils and help your whole family get to be a part of it.

My husband loves it when the house smells good and it warms my heart to know that what we are smelling is actually helping us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Click here and pick up your starter kit today. I would love to help guide you on your journey to a chemical free home.

For more information follow my Facebook group here.

Friday, May 5, 2017

My new Spoonflower Collection

I am so excited to introduce my new "Bold and Bright Nesting Dolls" Collection on Spoonflower.
I just got these proofs in the mail. I am very excited about this new collection. There is also a two cut and sew patterns that are going to be in the collection. I will be making tutorials and putting those on my YouTube channel soon.

Honestly this collection started with one simple idea. I wanted to start making my own cloth pads. As I started developing a pattern I noticed that it was the perfect shape of a nesting doll, and from there the idea was born. To say that I jumped on that train and went with it is probably an understatement. One idea led to the next and before I knew it this collection was born.

I still have some video tutorials to make, so stay tuned for more fun things in this collection soon.

If you'd like to shop this collection you can find my Spoonflower shop here.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Kitten Quilt Block

I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in the Electric Quilt software. I have been thinking about it for a while now. I have a few ideas in my head that I want to get worked out. This is my first pattern that I have designed in EQ7 and I am starting to learn the in's and out's of the program.
I am excited for more patterns to come.

This cute little kitten block when finished will measure 8 inches square. You can easily make this pattern into a baby quilt size just by making thirty six kittens. I show what it will look like if you make them in two color ways and alternate them. Simply sew six kittens in each row alternating the patterns for each six rows then sew those rows together. Once the rows have been all six rows of six are sewn together cut 7.5 in strips of the border fabric. Add borders to the sides and then to the top
 and bottom. Finished quilt will be 42 inches square.

Of course you can also make four and turn it into a cute pillow. Or a little mug rug with one kitten. There are so many cute things you can make. So now the only question is what are you going to make with your kitten?
You can find my pattern here on my craftsy page.

Happy sewing

Friday, September 23, 2016

I was making some tassels for a weaving project I was working on and my oldest said that it would make a cute ghost, and that is where this idea started. This is a quick little project that you can create in less than an hour and have cute halloween decor. Make as many ghost as you want to make a longer banner. You can see my you tube tutorial here. 

Supplies you will need: 
Ball of white yarn
Some jute or twine to hang the ghosts on
Black embroidery Floss and a needle
white felt
7 inch piece of cardboard.
(If you want your ghost to be larger just use a bigger piece of cardboard.) 


1.Start by winding the yarn on the cardboard several times. Make sure it is fairly thick so that your tassel will be fluffier. You will want to clip the yarn on the same side of the cardboard that you started your tassel on.

2. Cut three pieces of yard 14 inches long or twice the length of your tassel. This will help the ends blend into your tassel. 

3. Use one strand of yarn to tie on the top of the loops before you pull it off the cardboard. Now slip it off the cardboard and tighten the knot.

4. Use the scissors and clip the other end loops to create the fringe of the tassel. 

5. Fold one of the extra pieces of yarn in half and make a slip knot in the top (Make sure the hole is large enough for your twine to go through it. Now tie it around the top of the tassel where you tied on the first strand.

6. Open the tassel and lay in half. Cut out a circle out of felt. Place it close to the tie. It will end up being in the center of the tassel. I added it to stabilize the french knot eyes. 

7. Now just double your thread and tie a knot in the end. Make two french knots for eyes. (It may be easier to watch the you tube tutorial for this part. -link is at the top of the post)

8. Once your french knots are finished, fold your tassel together and smooth the yarn. 

9.Use the last piece of yard to tie around the tassel to create the ghost head. 

10. Clip the bottom of the tassel to make it strait. 

All done now you just need to make as many ghosts as you would like your banner to be long and string them onto the twine. Just add slip knots to each end of twine to hang.